Farm & Barn's - Sirocco Stall Fresh Deodorizer: Neutralizing Ammonia Naturally 

Fresh Farm & Barn Stalls

Step into a world of freshness with Farm & Barn's Stall Fresh Deodorizer. An All-natural solution is a must-have for every farm, barn, kennel, litter or household, offering more than just odour control—revolutionizing how we think about stall dry absorbents.

Composition of the Deodorizer

The Stall Fresh Deodorizer is a testament to the wonders of nature. Comprising seaweed extracts and vegetable and mineral absorbents, it brings the best of the ocean and earth to your doorstep. Infused with essential plant oils, trace elements, and natural antimicrobials, it's a product you can trust. It's composed of a natural blend that sets it apart from other products.

Benefits and Features

Odour and moisture can be a constant battle, but with the Stall Fresh Deodorizer victory is assured. It ensures a dry and pleasant environment by neutralizing ammonia and absorbing excess moisture. Its ability to neutralize ammonia significantly reduces bedding costs, saving you money.

Applications and Uses

Its versatility is truly remarkable. Whether you're looking to freshen up horse trailers, chicken coops, or even pet bedding in your home, this product delivers. 

Additional Great Uses For this Deodorizer Are:

  • Cat Litter Box that's stinking up the house? 
  • Horse Trailer have a pungent funk? 
  • Does your Dog's Bed or Kennel have a lingering odour?
  • How about every stinky Kitchen Compost Bin?

The Stall Fresh Deodorizer has your stinks covered and neutralized!

Comparison with Diatomaceous Earth

While Diatomaceous earth might seem like a good fit for chickens with mites, the Stall Fresh Deodorizer, composed of a natural blend of food-grade ingredients, comes out on top. Especially when considering handlers, horses, and cows, our product's action helps to prevent any irritations.

Economic Benefits

It's not just about freshening up spaces; it's about doing so cost-effectively. By reducing the need for frequent shavings and cutting down cleaning time, the product saves your hard-earned money. Plus, the benefits are multifaceted, with its ability to maintain and improve hoof health for horses and provide a comfortable habitat for small animals. At less than $0.10/day - Farm & Barn's Stall Fresh is the most economical way to have a fresh barn!

Safety and Environmental Profile

Safety is paramount. The deodorizer is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, and poses no risk to humans. Its all-natural composition means you're doing right by the environment, too. It's safe for dirt, wood, and even concrete surfaces, making it a versatile choice for various environments.

Customer Testimonials

We use the Sirocco deodorizer underneath, which gives the stall a pleasant smell and continues to do so.

We now use a fraction of the amount of shavings!

Alison Drew from Canada 

Purchasing Details

Ready to bring this freshness to your home or farm? The Stall Fresh Deodorizer is readily available in various stores across Canada. For those who prefer online shopping, it's just a click away

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this deodorizer different from others on the market? 
Its unique blend of natural ingredients ensures maximum efficacy while being environmentally friendly.
  • Is it safe for all pets and animals? Absolutely!
Whether you have horses, chickens, or cats, this product suits everyone.
  • How often should it be applied? 

For best results, it's recommended to be used daily or as and when required, depending on the level of odor or moisture.


Farm & Barn's Stall Fresh Deodorizer emerges as a frontrunner in a world where we're constantly seeking natural solutions. With its myriad benefits, safety profile, and cost-effectiveness, it's a product that every home and farm in Canada will cherish. Dive into a world of freshness and make the switch today!