We all know that horse-keeping can get quite expensive, especially if we always buy the same brands from the same stores because of convenience and habit.

Fortunately, there are quite a few better ways to manage your finances around the barn. You can save lots of money just by planning and buying quality goods for your horse’s needs.

We’re here to give you some details on how to do that. If you’re worried about horse-keeping costs, consider following these nine easy tips and start saving money.

1. Buy Bulk Feed

There are many ways you can save money at the barn, but cutting down fed quality to save costs is not a viable option when it comes to taking care of your horses.

Instead, you might want to try to buy bulk feed to save costs. You might be used to buying feed with a certain periodicity and not even be aware of the fact that many stores can offer discounts if you buy larger quantities at once.

Keep in mind that hay gets more expensive later in the season, and it becomes more costly after the growing season. You might want to organize your purchases depending on seasonality to save more.

Using slow feeders will stop your horses from pulling out large mouthfuls, dropping it to the ground where they will walk on it, pee on it and poop on it. Most owners can hear the ching of the cash register when watching their horses do this!

2. Go For Quality Stall Mats

Using quality stall mats can make a huge difference in your expenses in the long run. You might invest a little more initially, but they are reliable and resistant, so you will spend a lot less time cleaning and maintaining them. And ultimately, time is money!

Quality stall mats also have a much higher level of biosecurity, ensuring the long-term health of your horse. This will ultimately ensure fewer of those expensive medical emergencies and help you save money.

3. Save More With Quality Pine Shavings or Straw Bedding

The same goes for the pine shavings or straw bedding you buy for your horses. Consider choosing dust-extracted pine shaving or dust-extracted straw bedding to ensure the bedding you use will not cause any health issues for your horse.

Quality pine or straw bedding also have the advantage of helping you save more time and reduce barn maintenance costs.

4. Freshen Bedding On A Budget

Keeping your bedding fresh and clean for more extended periods of time can help you save money. Consider an organic horse bedding freshener to prolong your bedding and absorb fluids and moisture to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your horse.

5. Increase The Amount Of Turnout

The less time your horses spend in the barn, the less you’ll have to clean after them. Increasing the amount of turnout can decrease the amount of bedding you have to use and help you save money.

Also, a horse that is turned out on the grass will require less hay than a horse that’s stalled, so this is also an opportunity to save money on feed.

As an added benefit, if you increase the turnout amount, your horses will also be less likely to get sick or bored.

6. Shop Sales

If you plan your purchases ahead of time, you can get some discounts on most of the products you usually need for the barn.

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7. Give Your Horse Great Care To Avoid Emergency Vet Expenses

Another source of significant expenses is emergency vet bills. Sometimes you can have a few quiet months with no accidents, and then something unexpected happens, and suddenly, you are hit with an expensive vet bill. Sometimes you can’t avoid emergencies, but if you take great care of your horse, you can prevent some of them and save money.

Ensuring your horse gets the best feed, has all the vaccines, and getting checked regularly by a veterinarian can help you prevent certain health conditions or treat them early. This will lead to less recovery time and less expensive vet bills.

8. Do Group Lessons Instead of Private Ones

If your horse needs specialized training, but you are on a budget, you can always choose group lessons instead of private ones.

Group lessons tend to be less costly, and they also have the advantage of helping your horse socialize and ride among his new equine friends.

9. Buy Seasonal Items in the Off-Season

We’ve already mentioned how hay can be less expensive at the beginning of the season, and the same goes for other goods as well. Many seasonal items are less expensive when they are off-season.

Items such as heaters, blankets, coolers, fly sprays, and many more can be found all year-round at affordable prices.


Owning a horse can be expensive, and it’s a financial commitment you have to make in the long-term. But there are many things you can do to reduce costs around the barn and make horse keeping less expensive.

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